Learning to enjoy the moment

I came across this picture on Twitter. All but one taking a selfie So often these days we grab our phones, press a button, and share the image we've just captured with the friends and "friends" we have on Facebook or some other social-media channel, wherever – and whoever – they are. Often, we spend a lot of time picking the right filter for the picture we've just shot, or the right text to accompany it. But how much time do we actually spend in the moment? How much do we let ourselves be absorbed by the world around us? Stephanie Turbyfill, wife of Travis Turbyfill, one of the 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots who left us way too soon, taught me a very important lesson while I was reporting my book. We were talking about Travis and I asked her to describe his last night at home before the last wildfire he'd fight, before he'd lose his life in Yarnell, Arizona. She told me she'd fixed him a grilled ham-and-cheese sandwich for dinner that night, June 29, 2013. Then, she'd watched him play with their girls on the living room floor, having an absolute great time. Stephanie remembered thinking she should run to the bedroom to fetch her smartphone – what a great Facebook post that daddy-and-daughters moment would make. Instead, she told herself, "Just sit there an enjoy the moment." And she did just that. How often do you allow yourself to enjoy the moment? I'm still working on it, but I'm so very grateful that when Stephanie shared this story with me, I was listening.

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  1. Joseph says:

    This is so great Fernanda. Thanks for sharing this and encouraging us to savor moments and enjoy them.

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